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Special Thanks & Personal Notes

Marco Lopez: If it weren't for you, this site would not be possible. All I can say is thank you for being who you are and putting up with me all these years. You will never know how much I love you; treasure you and everything I have because of you.

Erika: Thank you for the info on the domain as well as the info on the site host. Your input has helped me tremendously!

Rozane:Thank you for your friendship, the rest of the VCR tapes and pics you provided me with as well as the other special things I have because of you.

Laura:Thank you for being a friend and providing me with the VCR tapes I was lacking. Thank you for your input when you went to Hyattsville and met Marco for the first time (as well as the other guys). Your memories of the trip will always be treasured.

Jamie: Thank you for your friendship and for providing me with the VCR tapes. If it weren't for you, I would never have gotten started on the collection.

Other Personal Notes:

Rose: Thank you for your friendship.Even though you lost interest in what brought the two of us together in friendship, I will always treasure your friendship no matter what.

Peggy: Thank you for listening and providing the drawing that was treasured so much.
Diane: Thank you for showing me that although Marco and Rod Taylor worked together many years ago, the two of us could work together years later in bringing a link to the two sites.

Emergency Landing: The fans I knew at other message boards landed here and they deserve a little thank you as well. Without you, The Landing would not be possible!

About me and the site:

In 1975, I became an Emergency fan knowing how special Marco was.
I was not quite 17 at the time and do have earlier memories of the show but this was more notable in that year.

Through the years, I have always known how special Marco was and continues to be.
When I bought my first computer in 1999, I discovered that I was not the only Emergency fan around. All these years I thought I was due to the fact I was the only one around here.

I was totally fascinated by the Emergency tributes and noticed there was a lack of sites or just Marco (as well as other cast members).

Not knowing the first thing about making a website, I played around in Geocities, finally becoming so frustrated that I deleted everything I had accomplished.

One day I happened upon MSN communities and "accidentally" created a site.
I emerged and grew from there, including growing larger than I ever expected to be.

When the several sites I was occupying were closing, I had to learn HTML instead of using the site builders.

Therefore, I landed at Angelfire and outgrew the bandwidth, finding more free host to house my site on.

Unfortunately, with all free hosts, they have the right to delete all your work and not inform you.
Therefore, I had to locate more free host. But after becoming frustrated with what I was finding, I decided to take drastic action which is where Erika came in at.
With her help, I purchased a domain and web space.

All these years I seriously thought the free sites were just like working in the paid host sites.
Boy, did I get a rude awakening!
It is nothing like the free sites and is more involved.

In reusing the existing HTML used on the free sites, I see what I was doing wrong when I was first learning to use it.
It amazes me what I have accomplished since having been on the internet.
When I first started using a computer, I had no inkling on how to use one, much less know how to create a website.

As a fellow Emergency and Marco fan, I hope you find the site as enjoyable I did in creating it.

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created on msn 5/23/00, moved to Angelfire 6/12/02, relocated to this domain 3/1/05

This site does NOT infringe on the rights of any television show nor any
movie listed within and has not been endorsed by Mr. Lopez, although he is aware if it's existence.
All contents within were either obtained by myself or sent to me by various parties.

This is a fan site and is solely here for entertainment.