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You might say that Marco Lopez, who plays "Fireman Lopez" in NBC Television Network's Emergency! series (Saturdays, 8-9 p.m.) has cooked his way into the hearts of the cast and crew of the action-adventure series.
In fact, you might say that I've cooked my way all the way from Dragnet to and through Emergency!," Lopez says. "It all started as a dare back during Dragnet, when we would talk about hobbies between takes and I admitted I liked to cook.

"The guys said, 'Prove it.' I set up a hotplate backstage 33 and whipped up a couple Mexican dishes. That was the start."

In the Dragnet days, Lopez used to double for Jack Webb in long shots, as well as performing in small roles. Webb is a great one for keeping the actors on salery in various capacities, whatever he was doing.

So when Webb's Mark VII productions began Emergency!, Lopez was retained, this time as a full regualar in the cast, a member of the fictional "Fire Station 51" crew. And in the Fire Station is a fully operative gas stove, which meant that Marco could turn out a complete Mexican meal, rather than an occasional hors d'oeuvre.

Now when the cast and crew are on Universal Studios stage 41, the Rampart General Hospital set across the street from Stage 33, Lopez will seize the opportunity for fixing quesadillas (fried tortiallas filled with jack cheese, avocado slices, onions....but no meat).

Clipped from the Lafayette Journal & Courier, 1976...Lafayette, Indiana

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