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The Vegas Experience

June 24-27, 2005 saw me in Las Vegas with a group of 19 people.Out of the group, I only knew two.

In 2003, a co worker told me her senior class of 1968 planned to go to Vegas in 2005. Knowing the history of my fanship/friendship with Marco Lopez, she told me I was going as well.

Two years later on June 25, 2005, I found myself WITH Marco for the first time in my life. It was an incredible experience!!!!

For years I fought the friendship aspect thinking I was his fan first, but this was not the case. I came away knowing we truly are friends and he always has been my very special friend.
With Marco's permission, Karen & I were able to take pictures of this incredible meet. Marco even told me I could post these pictures on the website.

Out of respect for Marco, I ask that these pictures not be removed from this site or turn up elsewhere on the internet, or used for personal projects without his, mine or Karen's permission. Karen is the who took these pictures and she has the negatives.

It surprised me that he & I were wearing the same color of shirt

He allowed me to kiss him. *swoon*

What an incredible experience!!!!

Karen with Marco...when I took this picture, I could see that Marco still had that special smile!

Marco asked a bystander to snap this picture. If only she knew!

Other Vegas pictures.

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